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Roadside Checklist Gregoreon’s May Force is with me

Just so we are on the same page about safety  preparation and packing here is a brief list of what I am bringing along and some shots to soak up

5 Water bottles- 4 squeeze 1 glass

travel mug, silverware, chopsticks

hot cereal packets, teabags, cayenne pepper

toothbrush and paste, shampoo, condioner (suave coconut is my top pick)

socks, tights, long-sleeves, short, shirts, reflective neon green vests, hoodie, rain poncho

emergency blanket, airline blanket, sleeping bag, 2 tarps (6′ x 8′)

headlight, bike light flashers, odometer

allen wrenchs, swiss army, plyers, chain tools

oil lube, spare tubes, air pump, matches, bics

Road atlas, clip board, calendar, pens, colors, and markers

compass, magnifying glass, spectacles and shades, headband

hydrogen peroxide, duct tape, first aid

adjustable seat recliner,Backcomber (self-massage tool)

Guitarlele, melodica, headrack, harmonicas, jingle, tuner, tape recorder, cassettes

gloves, balaclava, helmet, third eye rear view mirror

good luck charms- I would have my troll with the open arms frizzy hair and jem in the belly button but that is so 90s

I’m off to see the wizard on this one.

And its a Yellow Brick Road Y’all



George’s Tulips are Yellow. Spring’s bloom is the beginning. Down the River I go. Hare Hare Hare-Song Om

This is going to be my last entry on a home console for the long whiles

Tomorrow which is later today, Friday, is my departure from Rossland Canada border crossing into Washington State

Scarcely soonafter, my communication will be via iPhone whereever whenever I find myself in a wireless port of the World Wide Web (McDonalds Starbucks) to update

Beginning routes are downstream the Columbia River to Portland.  Along the way are 2 Native Reservations where I intend to make many stops; the tribes are Colville and Spokane.  River’s Valley here I come. guide me. Salmon Spirits of the waterside.

It is an interest of Joy to watch the summer winds approach as the heat of day gravitates more opportunity outside.  The Sun the largest body of mass and matter in our system of the Solars rises east and sores as this little yellow dot over our heads falling closer westard. But then again the sun never moves it is our unchanging center. The Polarities tilted on an axis with respect to the moon; it is Us in planet Earth in rotation from A to B side 1 side 2.

This past week in preparation and training doing my routes around the lake making my rounds through town I am watching the community put their sun hats on and green thumbs into gear.  There is a garden to attend to.  You see. To me, that is knowledge. A garden, what is there to gain in the act of cultivating?  Weed out what is not planted, make space for those meant to prosper, roots decorate rocks summers require no socks. To Harvest. Have a sense in salad, almost everything can rest on a bed of leafy greens.

I am finally doing this ride. The aperceptive mass, my past experience is leading me to this.  Standing Meditation in all directions more that four.  In a waking state what do you find in your hands besides a toothbrush, spoon, and fork? A shovel a pitchfork a paintbrush perhaps? What do you do for yourself? In past-time overtime the time is now. There is no clocking in or out for me I will Imagine Now what I want to be and who I am.  Make it fit watch it grow. huMAN of art or of war? Masters of All Nature hurt no one.  In each patch of land is one’s own escape.  I am going out only to find out why I’ve dreamed of swmming, tractors, farms, Horses, the handicap, riding academies, kelp forests, SCUBA, camps, kids, counseling, Urchins Abalone, smoothies, and egg Mcmuffins.  All this has come to be true but there has to be more.  Maybe I should blame the countless spaghetti westerns I’d watch trailer living on site Camelot Stables. No internet phone or TV just books radio and records for a long period does the body good.  I have acquired a particular skill-set I have built up only to put to the test. I have my stringed instruments and a series of sound pipes on this trip. In light and love is a musical ride. Neil Young’s lyrics “From Hank to Hendrix” preetty much sums it up for me. Oh and Tom Robbin’s “Even Cowgirls get the Blues” hits the head with the hammer

My three wheels; bicycle and trailer is the extension of my skeleton.  My thighs are the drive train the thunder sounding, generating the petals that spin about.  My heart is the engine of it all. Water’s essence is cool so be the molecule 2 Hydrogensatoms to  1 Oxygen atom is the bond.  H2O is my gas and all I wish to burn if there is such a thing.

I am like a cup o coffee about this summer- half scared and half excited. Stir it up. It may be a lot to ask but Please have not One worry about me. This is purely my choice and something I am doing in the pursuit of health inner happiness at the grand seat of the North Americas.  Be stoked about it; light my fire.  If we love each other the thought of you will keep me warm at night and well rested for the day.  Time is irrelevant at this point. It is a matter of miles and hills, pace and grace. My hands are not leaving those bars I have control.

I bid you a dew Nighty Night. GoOod Morning. fare wells til next time






And we make up just to break up I’ll carry on, oh yes I will

And we make up just to break up I’ll carry on, oh yes I will

My wheels and I are at 100%

Off we go “fro Yo” is what I call frozen yogurt

Last day at the empty Ice Cream Parlor no more ins or outs

By this May’s “supermoon” on the 5th it is out the door and all maps for me

But OOh that loovely feeling you know where to go


Though She was born A long long time ago Your Mother Should Know

Though She was born A long long time ago Your Mother Should Know

I have fallen asleep, played guitar , and spaced out through windows to a very special girl reading this aloud to me

oh my GoODnESS is all I gots to say. Blessed are the parents of this planet who wish to make the world a better place in ways they know how

CoExist CoOperate Cope with and keep Cool is Core and what a 2 legged creature oughta do no damage done

That could be an image of an Ear but its really a Human baby…Life goes on as you listen closely

GoodlullahBYEs for lifetimes

So Many Gears Later

Enclosed are some snap shots of my weekend venture and bicycle cassette


mmmyes that was Harry Potter’s Nimbus Up and it’s maker of Crawford Bay. I found my very own.  Brooms brushes percussion or palettes the touch the try the taste whatever makes you fly. Sweep Daily clean gears open Ears

Counter Top Checklist

Done for the most part with essential maintenance and such

brakes (rotated)

chain (cleaned and oiled)

crank and cassette (dissembled cleaned)

Tires and rims (trued the spokes, new valve fittings for standard, presto is too delicate)

tape tape and tape- it is a must to trick out the wheels with flashy reflectives and colors that screech YEOWZA

and so on and on and on

For anyone doing a tune up on their bike I highly highly suggest the following for the work bench

Simple Green (gets the crud off the metal)

Your best friends toothbrush (nah! just hard bristles to brush it off)

Allen Wrench (series of sizes)

a large bowl or hub cap (to catch the gritty drippings)

Air pump with gauge (foot pumps are the least strenuous)

scissors and a box cutter (stickers and tape)

torque wrench to measure on the crank

lock nut, crescent wrench, and chain whip for cassette

buckets to sit on when tinkering low

Harry Nilsson in the backround singing about Me and my Arrow

newpaper towels n rags (your hands are not going to be finger licking good)

And if your bike is brand new new make sure to keep your book about it for it is the map and “how to” to do whatever you got to

For being back at the drawing board I didn’t forget much from the 4 unit bicycle maintenance course my junior year at Humboldt State.

mmm hmm petal power tis a sacred machine

Okay I’m throwing in the shop towel and making it an official day at the Ice Cream Parlor

Coconut Ice Cream Nada Moo non dairyness yet so much richer (yum yum)

til next time everybody

Ride on

Ice Cream Parlors

I Scream you Scream we all Scream for ICE SCREEEEAAM!

I found a hot cup of flow at the counter. Bicycle Maintenance is my forte bay-bay

Here at the lakeside Duhamel General Store is an Old abandoned Ice Cream Parlor next door to where my tin can is.  The shop is so bear and abandoned my bicycle and I are only left to tinker about. FUN FUN FUN..I’m so propelled it’s speckles of electric blue every time I hold a blink.  Weather temperatures are only getting warmer and barbieQs are getting hotter.  mmm boca burritos with a bubbly cold one to sip.

Anywho heres some shots of a “Before” in the making of my transformer-bot

Hanuman Hanuman..A very symbolic figure in East Indian cultures.  Ever hear of him?? In the western world I’d say he’s like an “Apu” to Walter Disney’s Aladdin only because Hanuman’s role is loyal guidance to the guru and embodies ambitious wit to overcome any obstacle.  Hanuman in the heart can move mountains but! in anyway. “Jee, You are You” Comic books and cartoons is how I see a lotta life. especially on Saturday Mornings

After photos of my rapture to come!

Thats my  Rick-boy he’s a Total Ringo blast from my past. A very fine grillman on the BBQ radio.