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Wheel be in a week or so I say

April 23, 2012

Nelson, BC “Queen City” est.1890s

Located southern Interior of British Columbia

altitude <2000ft

No. or people: small town folk, about 10 thou

The Kootenay Lake. Thee Calmest Greenest waters with a 360 degree panarama of pine & fir covered mountains.    A series of “V”s of mountainous angles cutting up over the lake’s horizon.  For it having the longest free running ferry in the world, I truly find this place to be a direct key hole to the sky. Cloud formations are everchanging, layers of rainbows, foggy rings belting about the mountain and how there is still snowy cream at their tops.   Oh The Rockys and all the characters to find in ways we fall through the cracks.

I spent one afternoon walking along the lake collecting white crystal-like rocks that gemmed out to me. 7 miles later I surely had a pocket full.  But in awe of amazement just to walk among this place so rich of glacial oxygen scenically stacked of boulders and so well illuminated by the Manson’s hand; the Ozone layer takes me to a primordial sense. Yeah I don’t mean dinosaur yabba dabba do land before timeness but the land in which we escape while identifying the elements about it is climatizing.  The Earth’s country, this town’s consciousness is in a way primitive. Nelson being an old railroad town with industries like Jamming (berries & fruit trees) and logging; I see hard working folk doing their daily deeds with respect to the land and each other bearing any weather condition.

With springs beginnings I was sitting lakeside watching 5 or so men in their elder years shoveling, scraping, and sweeping out the trolley tracks in front of Wal-mart blazing way all the way to the West Arm Orange bridge. Thats almost a mile! but is an example of how this town “Queen City” treasures their trolleys.  I was munching on a bag of cinnamon pita chips the whole time I was watching them but yummy mountian crisps! it is the 4 seasons here in there Kootenays!

To be adaptive, cognitive, and affective I got my wheels! horray horray I’ll be on my way

Live Long and Prosper Everybody



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