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Ice Cream Parlors

April 28, 2012

I Scream you Scream we all Scream for ICE SCREEEEAAM!

I found a hot cup of flow at the counter. Bicycle Maintenance is my forte bay-bay

Here at the lakeside Duhamel General Store is an Old abandoned Ice Cream Parlor next door to where my tin can is.  The shop is so bear and abandoned my bicycle and I are only left to tinker about. FUN FUN FUN..I’m so propelled it’s speckles of electric blue every time I hold a blink.  Weather temperatures are only getting warmer and barbieQs are getting hotter.  mmm boca burritos with a bubbly cold one to sip.

Anywho heres some shots of a “Before” in the making of my transformer-bot

Hanuman Hanuman..A very symbolic figure in East Indian cultures.  Ever hear of him?? In the western world I’d say he’s like an “Apu” to Walter Disney’s Aladdin only because Hanuman’s role is loyal guidance to the guru and embodies ambitious wit to overcome any obstacle.  Hanuman in the heart can move mountains but! in anyway. “Jee, You are You” Comic books and cartoons is how I see a lotta life. especially on Saturday Mornings

After photos of my rapture to come!

Thats my  Rick-boy he’s a Total Ringo blast from my past. A very fine grillman on the BBQ radio.


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