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Counter Top Checklist

April 29, 2012

Done for the most part with essential maintenance and such

brakes (rotated)

chain (cleaned and oiled)

crank and cassette (dissembled cleaned)

Tires and rims (trued the spokes, new valve fittings for standard, presto is too delicate)

tape tape and tape- it is a must to trick out the wheels with flashy reflectives and colors that screech YEOWZA

and so on and on and on

For anyone doing a tune up on their bike I highly highly suggest the following for the work bench

Simple Green (gets the crud off the metal)

Your best friends toothbrush (nah! just hard bristles to brush it off)

Allen Wrench (series of sizes)

a large bowl or hub cap (to catch the gritty drippings)

Air pump with gauge (foot pumps are the least strenuous)

scissors and a box cutter (stickers and tape)

torque wrench to measure on the crank

lock nut, crescent wrench, and chain whip for cassette

buckets to sit on when tinkering low

Harry Nilsson in the backround singing about Me and my Arrow

newpaper towels n rags (your hands are not going to be finger licking good)

And if your bike is brand new new make sure to keep your book about it for it is the map and “how to” to do whatever you got to

For being back at the drawing board I didn’t forget much from the 4 unit bicycle maintenance course my junior year at Humboldt State.

mmm hmm petal power tis a sacred machine

Okay I’m throwing in the shop towel and making it an official day at the Ice Cream Parlor

Coconut Ice Cream Nada Moo non dairyness yet so much richer (yum yum)

til next time everybody

Ride on


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