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Roadside Checklist Gregoreon’s May Force is with me

May 11, 2012

Just so we are on the same page about safety  preparation and packing here is a brief list of what I am bringing along and some shots to soak up

5 Water bottles- 4 squeeze 1 glass

travel mug, silverware, chopsticks

hot cereal packets, teabags, cayenne pepper

toothbrush and paste, shampoo, condioner (suave coconut is my top pick)

socks, tights, long-sleeves, short, shirts, reflective neon green vests, hoodie, rain poncho

emergency blanket, airline blanket, sleeping bag, 2 tarps (6′ x 8′)

headlight, bike light flashers, odometer

allen wrenchs, swiss army, plyers, chain tools

oil lube, spare tubes, air pump, matches, bics

Road atlas, clip board, calendar, pens, colors, and markers

compass, magnifying glass, spectacles and shades, headband

hydrogen peroxide, duct tape, first aid

adjustable seat recliner,Backcomber (self-massage tool)

Guitarlele, melodica, headrack, harmonicas, jingle, tuner, tape recorder, cassettes

gloves, balaclava, helmet, third eye rear view mirror

good luck charms- I would have my troll with the open arms frizzy hair and jem in the belly button but that is so 90s

I’m off to see the wizard on this one.

And its a Yellow Brick Road Y’all



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