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Wheel be in a week or so I say

Nelson, BC “Queen City” est.1890s

Located southern Interior of British Columbia

altitude <2000ft

No. or people: small town folk, about 10 thou

The Kootenay Lake. Thee Calmest Greenest waters with a 360 degree panarama of pine & fir covered mountains.    A series of “V”s of mountainous angles cutting up over the lake’s horizon.  For it having the longest free running ferry in the world, I truly find this place to be a direct key hole to the sky. Cloud formations are everchanging, layers of rainbows, foggy rings belting about the mountain and how there is still snowy cream at their tops.   Oh The Rockys and all the characters to find in ways we fall through the cracks.

I spent one afternoon walking along the lake collecting white crystal-like rocks that gemmed out to me. 7 miles later I surely had a pocket full.  But in awe of amazement just to walk among this place so rich of glacial oxygen scenically stacked of boulders and so well illuminated by the Manson’s hand; the Ozone layer takes me to a primordial sense. Yeah I don’t mean dinosaur yabba dabba do land before timeness but the land in which we escape while identifying the elements about it is climatizing.  The Earth’s country, this town’s consciousness is in a way primitive. Nelson being an old railroad town with industries like Jamming (berries & fruit trees) and logging; I see hard working folk doing their daily deeds with respect to the land and each other bearing any weather condition.

With springs beginnings I was sitting lakeside watching 5 or so men in their elder years shoveling, scraping, and sweeping out the trolley tracks in front of Wal-mart blazing way all the way to the West Arm Orange bridge. Thats almost a mile! but is an example of how this town “Queen City” treasures their trolleys.  I was munching on a bag of cinnamon pita chips the whole time I was watching them but yummy mountian crisps! it is the 4 seasons here in there Kootenays!

To be adaptive, cognitive, and affective I got my wheels! horray horray I’ll be on my way

Live Long and Prosper Everybody



I AM that So Hum

I AM that So Hum



What does a Lead singer and a Drummer have in common?

Spirits. do U hear it? clickNlink!


They want to play with real musicians……………………………..WAAAAHHHOOOO

Wing girls in their World Grandma goes to Cali while I go greyhound to the Kootenay

Bus rides.  A modern wagon that allows time taken and thought process to collect while seated so comfortably in route to all that matters.  Some thoughts to register:

The Indy AnnE I am

Airborne by the vacuum

Mother set me Free

In all the ways they wish they were

Extinguish any person’s anguished pun that disturbs the Mind

The heat seeking missile sees no distraction in a reaction when you Respond

Wear your stress like a dress so primped so proper when asked to dance you can’t help but take the offer.

Happiness invokes the whole while many will accept few reject then some neglect pursuits practiced by

the Perfect the hardest part in the start is finding that center step away from fear

others feed on but can’t touch the one who leads on a life Brighter

and brighter than a moth’s light guiding a way to Be

Long. Not for long until day light’s cure

Purely Quiet untouched by stress

of city riots parade a day off

this summer

is it

Phew! First week back in British Colombia was everything from the city’s stifled folk to wordy rifles to chocolate blueberry waffles.  Vancouver Vancouver and all its feng shui , its northern regions blew cool air but for the most part was green and grey.  Chickadees sing “cheeseburger” Cherry laurels in full blossom as the apple and plum trees shoot showing off their leaves.  The weather was dreary but my last day before departure was What I waited for.  Blue skies dried my tears of permission with grandma then glared on a rose’s silver frame encasing a blonde next to a black so well versed. Corinthians 13:4 post Easter B-days hatching their hearts closer.

Rosalyn! thanks cuzz for reminding how well bred we are in the lineage of Paz. Papa Mama Neda, the word “anomaly” is what “I normally” do best; you two stay warm up there.  Mommy’Ce my dear Cecilia, the moment you blessed me in permission to do this ride undid all the tension and mess that swine house tried to feed me.  Grandma Zumba Gold awaits; you deserve this summer trip in So. Cal for as long as time permits. Your daughters are dance machines that cook up the sweetest dreams.

Roots and Minerals downward or outward my direction is onward and upwards.  Intention is delicate as Advice is sensitive.  Have an impeccable agreement with whom you trust and what you know best.  “Accomplish results” so I’ve been told.  You get what you pay for but do not stop learning or let anyone distract a dream in that formless message of Love that everyone has planted. somewhere.  Beware when someone speaks with unpositively charged words other than concern or control.  Many thought forms are not a perfect circle or egg shape so I tend to dis identify with the subject matter and detach. Awareness sees a sign that is usually orange subtle loud and clear to follow when wordy moans can bite and steer emotions off course.  yeah yeah yeah people say a lot but the Nike Greek goddess of Victory is now a international sponsor that means “Just Do It”.

I’m going the distance I’m going the speed she’s all alone in a time of need (thats a song)

12 anxious hours later on the bus east to Nelson I’ve arrived and it is going to be Bigfoot in training.  The steep terrain the altitude the temperature the foreboding state of calm upon the foggy lake are all disciplines to hone prior to summer.  I will reunite with my bike this Friday to finally fix it in its finest.  I’m posting I’m playing in my tin can


Where I’m going April 2012 it’s cycle season

I am picking up my bicycle to embark on a  tour of the Southwest Americas to its eastern seas and back. Yes this is a spring trip that will end on a summer loop.  I have been subconsciously preparing-planning this bike trip for years throughout college at Humboldt State;  finally, 6 years later Time’s gatekeeper is checking me in to fly out for it.

Series of events being a Vancouver Island child to a Southern California marine biologist to a Northern California SCUBA diver to a British Columbia landscaper is boiling down to this musical ride.  A herdess left unharnessed, I Anne Serrano have been staring at the sea my entire life.  So, to be content as a citizen of the west coast I am getting over these mountains in a way that I know best.  How to ride my bike.  It is where my attention goes thus it is where my energy my will, will follow for I have the hunger to discover what the world is like East of the Rocky Mountains.  If you have ever read Dr. Seuss he has broken it down in so many verses, “Oh the Places You’ll Go”. We wait we ride we rest we go.  Gaining a sense of ecology and its diversity in the natural world around you deepens awareness and heightens the fact that you are a living breathing member in the habitat of all that is.  Exploration is the unending experience that will get you out of the waiting room.  Happy trails y’all.

There is a mysterious wonder to every beauty whether it is the shape of a shell, the number of legs it takes an insect to walk on, the texture, and even the way your hair falls around your face.  The landscapes, plants, and animals is as dramatic as I want to get and the people in their prime living this same day and age  is something to witness along the way generated by the petals of my bicycle.  This is a spiritual quest beyond any physical adventure my state of being could ever sign up for.  One day at time is all I intend to handle until I reach one of the many destinations and back.

First Stop! Flight 711 gate 66A from LAX to Richmond, Vancouver.  North Vancouver British Columbia to see my guru my father, cosmic Christ and the spiritual leaders that sit in his office.  In hand besides Papa there are intangible folk to meditate on and patient forms to practice in order to receive blessings in return. Philosophical styles to live by originating in the East (Asia, East of Israel) while incorporating what is happening now is what a guru will culture you with. With Earth’s institution of The Force drivings us to live by a planetary order with respect to the Sun; my principal’s system of  belief rises and rests solely in the esoterics, health, and wellness.  Defeat cancer, listen to the codes that spin about; The geometry, the songs, the information of Love is what lies sacred.

Christ consciousness states, “Father and I are One.” Art thy father is what will never leave the Sun and rests within your holy spirit.  So whatever! I am a daddy’s girl and thanks to him I have no fear with who I meet and what I do. Love is Love and there is only One.  I am doing this bike ride.  Let it be safe and in good faith.  I have my fiddle on one side and guitar on the other with a series of sound pipes.  This Texan cowgirl  Rachel Ray Ray of Arcata is one to buddy up with on this ride.  So what is it like from the outside looking in? Just a watery blue prism sitting in a field of stars.

What vessel are you in? What’s your channel? What world do you tap into on a daily basis? Exposure of the eyes in my imagination is setting me up for a challenge you don’t see or hear everyday.  But all in all I’m just going on a bike ride and it just so happens to be all summer long.  To write the ride and ride the write is how this WordPress is going to work as a journal. So please read if you wish to come along and know how I am living in the pursuit of healing, inner happiness, and spiritual awakening. In Music over the Mountains, How is the weather??  So long all you lovelies.  I have to make it to Nelson, BC by the end of the week where my vessel of a bicycle awaits.